The championship

The Morpheus Prize

A remote competition for students and projects holders

  • Send your 10 slides project
  • Individual or collective teams
  • Win €25,000 worth of prizes
  • 300+ projects received in 2016
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The Morpheus Cup

A live competition in Luxembourg (April 28th)

  • Assess global (culture & creative) or specific (marketing, design IT, finance…) skills
  • Team of 2 or 3 people
  • Win €25,000 worth of prizes
  • 100 universities from 30 countries involved so far
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The Morpheus Prize - Present a project on

Circular Economy Prize Green Datacenter Design Media Innovation Prize Procurement Prize Business Prize Climate Prize Cybersecurity Prize Ecommerce Prize FinTech Prize Gaming Prize HR Prize IoT Prize Marketing Prize Retail Prize Space Prize Tourism Prize Data Analytics Prize Logistics Prize Nanomaterials Prize Artificial Intelligence Prize Charity Prize Coding Prize Design Prize Education Prize Food Prize HealthTech Prize Investment Prize Luxury Prize Mobility Prize Smart City Prize Telecom Prize

The Morpheus Cup - Attend a full day of challenges including :

Top Minds (in the morning)

Culture & creativity

Best Performers challenges (in the afternoon)

Architecture Games Business Games Coding Games Design Games Digital Marketing Games Engineering Games Finance Games HR Life Sciences Mathematics in Physics


How to enter ?

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