About the cup

Morpheus Cup, what is it?

It is the largest European Universities & Graduate Schools’ Championship and a hands on opportunity to showcase your talent. Launched in 2015, this event is a response to the major talent shortage faced by the European employment market.

Key facts

  • Launched in 2015
  • Engaged 100+ campuses
  • Attracted more than 500 competitors from 19 countries
  • Fostered 600 Projects & Startups
  • Supported by the European Commission

The concept

To gather students of different academic backgrounds and cultures to take part in an innovation lab created by potential future employers and leading brands.

For students:

  • Highlight your skills and proficiency during the Morpheus Day live challenges! Many different themes will be tackled throughout the day.
  • Show us why your project is the best with the Morpheus Prize call for projects.

Both the Morpheus Day and the Morpheus Prize will allow teams to demonstrate their skills and to attract the attention of future employers.

For companies:

Find the talents that will become successful team players in your company and gain knowledge from inspiring projects.

How does it work ?

You can choose to compete in the Morpheus Prize ( call for projects) and/or the Morpheus Day (live challenges).



  • Present a  tech solution, a mobile application, a new solution/ product or a new business strategy
  • Fill in the application form, send it before April 7th
  • Individually or by team
  • 3 best projects per category qualified to pitch in front of an international jury
  • 1 award to win per category, €1000 for the winner
  • The winner of each category qualified to pitch in front of an international jury, €5000 for the winner cross-category

Know more about the Morpheus Prize HERE



  • Full day of competition on May 22nd  including technical, creative and performance-oriented challenges
  • Compete  in teams of 2 to 4 people
  • Show abilities in suggesting innovative solutions in a short timeframe
  • Organised by skills and covers different tracks
  • Offers a unique experience to meet employers
  • Features a mix of games, quizz, hackathons, exhibition and party
  • Massive interactions at a european scale
  • Best Performers Awards + 1 Morpheus Cup winning team

Find out more about the Morpheus Day HERE