The Morpheus Cup – April 28th


Morpheus Cup is a full day of competition for Europen students

Please note that a team name must be chosen along with a tagline given in English. You will also need to bring, for each team, a laptop (required for some challenges)


- willing to live a great experience
- promoting their campus
- compete in their favorite field
- meet other European students
- engage talks with employers


A gold, silver and bronze award will be offered to the Top 3 teams in the Top Minds challenges and an award will be given to each best performers. The campus who will collect most points thanks to the participation of its students in both challenges will receive €10.000 in cash and the Morpheus Cup Award. 


- suggest a great experience
- solve specific business issues
- speak & create content or videos
- strengthen links with specific campuses
- interact & engage talks with candidates


Set I – Top minds challenges (morning)

A generic track based on culture and creativity. This is the cultural, creative part of the game. Each student will have to answer a multiple choice exercise as well as artistic and creative games.

Set II – Stands challenges (all day)

Gaming Tournament
Sponsors’ quizz
Stand selfie contest
Virtual reality tests
Piloting test (drones, robots, 3D printers…)


Set III –  Best Performers challenges

Those challenges have been built up for students who want to acknowledge their skills and be recognized as experts in their field. It is a unique occasion to gather the finest brains around your issue.

Architecture Games
A specific track for students engaged in that field

Business Games
For MBAs and natural entrepreneurs

Cybersecurity Games
Be the first team to capture the flag sponsored by Telindus Luxembourg

Life Insurance Games
Rethink the Life Insurance sector by AG2R La Mondiale

Gamification Games
for hackers, developers and IT profiles sponsored by Accenture

Coding Games
A great hachkathon for developpers 

Design Games
Artistic but applied to real business 
Digital Marketing Games
Creativity and marketing skills needed 
Engineering Games
Imagination and technical knowledge 
 Finance Games
banking, fintech, investments  & wealth management. 
Rethinking the workplace needs passion and specific skills 
 Life Sciences
A serie of mini challenges to solve  for life science students 
 Mathematics in Physics
Let’s get rational but in the most innovative way