Registration for the Morpheus Prize

Give birth to your ideas and dreams by presenting your project in a 10 slides presentation. 

You can compete individually or with a team (3 people max)

1) Register individually or in team.

2) Select a topic among the list below and present your idea, solution, project in a 10 slides presentation (among the 14 topics suggested) and explain how you got the idea, what is the innovative nature of your product/service and its growth potential in a close future. 

The idea is for you to engage your entrepreneurial spirit and problem solving nature to come up with a project answering to current issues revolving around your chosen topic. This could be a tech solution, a mobile application, a new solution/ product or a new business strategy, etc. This should be presented as a dynamic presentation of maximum 10 slides.

The deadline to hand in this project is April 12th, 2017.

3) Each category will reward a project/ idea and the 10 best presentations will offer the student (or its team) the opportunity to pitch in front of an international Jury in order to win the Morpheus Prize and €10.000. 


*Please note we will not cover your travel or accommodation expenses to Luxembourg, this will have to be taken care of by your university or yourselves.

Application Form

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The project that will be presented enter in the following categories : *


 Tech Prize

Artificial Intelligence, Coding, Cybersecurity, Space, Telecom

 Business Prize

Business, Ecommerce, Food, HR, Luxury, Retail

 Finance Prize

Blockchain, Fintech, Insurtech, Payments, Regtech

 Marketing Prize

Advertising, Design, Gamification, Marketing, Surveys

 Life Prize

Charity, Climate, Education, Healthtech, SmartCity, Tourism

 Science Prize

All science-related project & papers



 Green Datacenter Design Beat the Heat!

Invent any system, project or strategy to reuse the heat from computer servers in a smart way - proposed by CERN & Luxconnect

 Media Innovation Prize

Imagine an innovative solution delivering the best video experience to consumers for content anytime/anywhere, using satellite and terrestrial distribution - proposed by SES

 Data Analytics Prize

How can Date Analytics revolutionize functions and the business development within companies (presentations can be implemented in each function f a company: human resources, health sector, IT sector,…) - proposed by LIST

 Talent 4.0 Prize

Using new technologies and social media, present project and innovative solution to create the modern recruitment industry - proposed by Abalone

 Circular Economy Prize

Present a concrete application of a circular economy process integrated within a company - proposed by LIST

 IoT Prize

IoT is a phenomenon that’s disrupting established industries and individual consumers. As an example this has already been witnessed with a taxi service being disrupted by Uber and the hotel industry landscape changed with Airbnb. What new opportunities can IoT bring in today’s world? - proposed by Vodafone

 New Materials Prize

Find a new use of an existing material or a new material and present an innovative solution from its creation to its use - proposed by LIST

 Logistics Prize

Your 2030 strategy for Europe’s Biggest All Cargo Carrier - proposed by Cargolux

Registration for the Morpheus Cup

You are about to register for the Morpheus Cup. A few steps left to join this great adventure !


1) Create your team of 2 or 3 members

Each team must choose a team name and a tagline in english.

Registrations must be submitted by April 12th, 2017 at the latest. 

The next part of your participation* will take place on April 28th  for a day of innovative and creative challenges.

This will involve two steps:

2) Take part in Top Minds challenges (in the morning) 

3) Take part in the Best  Performers Challenges depending on the chosen topic(s) (in the afternoon)

Please note these challenges will be designed by leading companies of the industry and will reflect the real issues and evolutions of the market.



*Please note we will not cover your travel or accommodation expenses to Luxembourg, this will have to be taken in charge by your university or yourselves.

Application Form

Competitor 1 (Captain & Campus relations)

Competitor 2 (Digital team leader & campus relations)

Competitor 3 (Project leader)

 Just started Middle Just gratuated

 Internship Job Investors Partners

 Just started Middle Just gratuated

 Internship Job Investors Partners

 Just started Middle Just gratuated

 Internship Job Investors Partners

We would like to register our team in the following categories : *

 Architecture Games Business Games Coding Games Design Games Digital Marketing Games Engineering Games Finance Games HR Games Life Sciences Games Mathematics in Physics Games CyberSecurity Games Gamification Games

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